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What is Cocoa Global Trade?

Cocoa Global Trade is a Trusted Cocoa Product Supplier from Indonesia and we distribute our products worldwide.

Starting as a successful cocoa bean supplier, we now expand our products to cocoa powder, cocoa oil, chocolate paste. Slowly, our company is now also one of the best cocoa bean producers in Indonesia.

We will expand our supply of cocoa and other commodities.

Our Cocoa Products

We provide a wide range of cocoa derivative products
  • Cocoa Beans.
  • Cocoa Powder.
  • Cocoa Butter.
  • Chocolate Paste.

What makes Cocoa Global Trade Different From Other Cocoa Bean Suppliers in Indonesia?

As a trusted supplier of Cocoa products, especially the best wholesale cocoa supplier in Indonesia, we always standardize our products with international quality standards such as International Food Safety (HCCP), Organic Certificates (USDA Organic, EU Organic), and Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). Furthermore, we are committed to our core values and try our best to serve our customers.


How to Make Chocolate Powder from Cocoa Beans.

How to make chocolate powder from cocoa beans there are several processes, starting from the cleaning process, roasting process, separation of beans and skins, alkalization process, to the grinding process. Chocolate powder can be used in a variety of drinks and foods such as hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and many more. Depending on taste and creativity, chocolate powder can be used to make a variety of preparations.


How to Make Cocoa Butter.

Cocoa butter is an important ingredient in the candy, chocolate and other food products industries. The processing of cocoa butter requires a series of complex and time-consuming steps, but the end result is valuable to the industry and its users. Cocoa butter processing requires sophisticated equipment and technology as well as trained labor. Cocoa butter is a very versatile ingredient and is used in many products, so its processing is an important part of the cocoa industry.